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    Precision Oncology Small Molecule Therapies
    Immuno-Oncology Small Molecule Therapies

    Precision Oncology Small Molecule Therapies
    Cancer is the causes of death in China and worldwide. Lung, liver, gastric and esophagus cancers are most abundant in Asia.  At Abbisko, we have a team with ample experience in characterizing Asian cancers and developing ne therapies against them. As a company established in China, we are driven to identify key genetic causes of these cancers and discovery small molecule target therapies to improve the lives of patients.
    Immuno-Oncology Small Molecule Therapies
    Immuno-oncology (IO) therapies have revolutionized anti-cancer therapies in the past a few years. Drugs reactivating tumor-specific immune response harness the innate power of human immune system to eradicate cancer cells while sparing toxicity on normal cells caused by traditional targeted or chemotherapies. Several therapeutic antibodies against immune checkpoint receptors and ligands, such as PD1, CTL4 and PD-L1, have demonstrated striking and durable clinical responses across many types for tumors and became billion-dollar blockbusters. At Abbisko, we are developing a pipeline of next-generation small molecule immune modulators to improve efficacy, overcoming resistance, lowering side effects, and synergizing with first generation IO agents.

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